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5 Easy to care-for indoor trees

Although houseplants are seeing a resurgence in popularity, especially with our millennial generation, growing plants indoors is an ancient practice.... Read More

Robert E Thompson

What you need to know about discrimination in mortgage lending

Despite what the media wants us to believe, the U.S. has come a long way since the days of the... Read More

Robert E Thompson

A few things to consider before purchasing waterfront property

If your dream is to live on the water, you’re not alone. Lake or riverfront living is the dream of... Read More

Robert E Thompson

Fun Tips for Holiday Road Trips

Whether the holidays take you over the river and through the woods or you travel strictly in the fast lane... Read More

Robert E Thompson

So, You Want to Buy a Foreclosure, Part III

Buying a House in Pre-Foreclosure Last week, we spoke of post-foreclosure houses.  These houses are bank-owned, meaning they’ve gone past... Read More

Robert E Thompson

Still haven’t found your dream home? Consider a fixer-upper

Have you made your wish list of all the things you crave in a new home? If you have, you... Read More

Robert E Thompson


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