So, it’s not really about me though I did include a bio at the bottom of the page. What I’m really ‘about’ is helping you reach your goals in real estate. This may mean buying or selling your residence, investing in residential or small commercial properties, or house hacking… the list goes on. Furthermore, I also want to elevate your goals. I truly believe that the best thing almost anyone can do for his or her financial well-being is use real estate to get there. A lot of people don’t attempt to go down this road because they think it’s only for the well-to-do or that it’s extremely difficult. Neither of these is true, nor are many other myths surrounding the creation of wealth in real estate.

Perhaps you already know what your goals are: “I want a 1733 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, with 9 windows and a dog run.” Or perhaps your goals are a bit more nebulous: “I want to invest.” Whatever your goals are, whether you’re just beginning or you’re a seasoned veteran, whether you want to act now or down the road, together we’ll create a plan that gets you there!

Real estate is the simplest, safest, and surest way to reach your financial goals in life and create security for yourself. It’s part of the American Dream to own a home. Done right, and with the short-term and long-term goals in mind, anyone can create wealth using real estate as a vehicle.

So, if you’re ready to delve into real estate, then let’s make it about you and your goals. Put another way:

Let’s Real Estate!


Now, if you’ve made it this far, I did include my autobiography.

My name is Robert Thompson.

I was born very young in the small farm town of Woodland, California. My dad was still in the Tonkin Gulf in Viet Nam for a short while after that but, upon his return, he took a job with I.B.M. and we moved to Arkansas, then Mississippi, and ultimately back to California. I spent the majority of my childhood in San Diego, then moved to Santa Cruz (after 8 muggy months at U.S. Coast Guard Boot Camp in Cape May, NJ – I served as a reservist with the USCG), where I attended the University of California at Santa Cruz (where I studied language and linguistics). After college, I earned my real estate license in California. Jump forward a few years to 1998 (I arrived in Oregon on July 3, if you want specifics) and I found myself in Canby, Oregon. In 2003, I became a mortgage broker.

I am now a licensed Principal Broker in Oregon and a Managing Broker in Washington, through eXp Realty LLC. I’ve also passed the broker’s exam for Nevada (but am not licensed) and am also working on my California license once again.

I live in Molalla, Oregon but my office is based in Portland. I am very involved with Molalla, as a member of the Economic Development Committee and as the founder of a local business-community interaction group called Welcome To Molalla (, and one of the founding members (and Chief Editor! – which sounds way more important than it may actually be) of The Bulletin, a local monthly news/history/local interest publication. I also serve on the Budget Committee.

In addition to my work as a broker, I am a Project Consultant for Lexar Homes in Oregon City (, helping folks find land to build on and then taking the process from bare land to selecting plans to drafting to finalization. When the plan is finalized, I’m out! The plans go to construction. (And that’s good, because you don’t want me personally building your house… promise.)

I love my work and I work a lot because I do love it. I love to learn and spend a lot of my spare time reading and studying but also trying to stay ‘out and about’ – even if it’s just a quick local jaunt to a place I’ve never been. And that’s about it! All of the ‘About Robert Thompson’ you really wanted…